The asystANT Agro module is a GPS-application developed for agricultural users, as well as a special data management and assessment system. The onboard unit installed into agricultural machines is suitable for RF-card identification, so the driver of the vehicle can only use the elements of the asystANT system (e.g. filling station) and the vehicle itself (immobilizer) after identification. One of the basic elements of the asystANT Agro module is the GPS-table map based on table maps used in the economy, which follows the name conventions of previous maps (code numbers, names of fields). The external data entry unit is a part of the onboard unit, on which - prior to the start of each work transaction - the operator selects the actual one out of the pre-programmed work transactions, as well as the device to be used (e.g. moving-travelling, plough traction, deep ploughing, two-way plough). The data registered this way serve the basis for the elaboration of the electronic machine-work log. The system registers the GPS-data, the fuel level and the data of other optional metering devices. These data can also be queried in online/offline mode and in case of online operation the dispatcher can follow the vehicles with individual identification on the map in "online". The module registers the details of working time, the time spent on travelling, the actual work, the servicing and every event not directly connected to work. So the company can have a precise picture on the operating time of machines and the time spent on actual work, which means the real performance-indexes can be calculated. Accordingly, this can be the basis of precise reporting and responsibilities, as well as of the efficiency payments and wages in agriculture. The asystANT Agro module calculates working hours and performance projected to hectares. It calculates the fuel used per hectare in the breakdown of table and partial work. During assessment the system prepares table-level reports according to the needs of the user, which enables the precise presentation of the production costs of certain plants together with the table register book in a way that even the wages are presented in it besides the material and other costs.






Functions of the asystANT Agro module:
• registration of position, speed, altitude and direction,
• the precise monitoring of agricultural activities with
  the use of table maps,
• registration of the fuel tank level with fuel probe,
• RF-card and PIN-code identification of persons and
  vehicles/machines (immobilizing in case of
  unauthorized use),
• monitoring of ignition and feeding-in,
• electronic settlement of working time (precise registration
  of working time, time spent on moving-travelling,
  servicing, events not directly connected to work),
• electronic machine-work log (with precise data of named
  tables, agricultural devices and work activities),
• registration of customizable operating data
  (mileage, operating hour status, number of log book,
  number of work diaries, etc.)
• precise presentation of costs on table-level
  (settlement of all costs occurred),
• immediate notification on the occurrence of any event
  deviating from the predefined system of rules,
• registration of the data of other optional analogue
  and digital metering equipment,
• remote management,
• continuous data communication interfaces
  (RS232, Ethernet, radio, GSM/GPRS).

  Basic unit:
Vehicle unit
It is the data collection, registration and mobile communication equipment installed in the vehicle, machine. Its main function is to determine the geographical location and speed, moreover the registration of values received from other supplementary equipment.

Data entry console of vehicles
With its help the driver of the vehicle/machine can register data and communicate with the centre.

Further optional supplementary units:
RF-card identification
It enables the RF-card driver identification and immobilization in case of an unauthorized person.
Fuel probe
An equipment used for the measurement of atmospheric and overpressure fuel.