Welcome to the world of efficient fleet control and management!
The asystANT Fleet Management System makes efficient control and administration possible to vehicles and machines both from the aspect of the machine park and the labour force. Unified person and vehicle identification is carried out in the entire asysANT system, so your workers have to use only one identification device. By using the system you will always know where your vehicles and employees are and work. The asystANT system works according to a pre-set system of rules defined by you, so you have to deal with only those vehicles and employees that deviate from the rules. As a result of the work mechanism of the asystANT it automatically administers and registers, so your employees are relieved of significant manual administration tasks. The released working time can be spent on making the business procedures more efficient or the extension of the scope of activities. So by way of the asystANT system the cost reduction of the given administration activity and the increase of sale revenues can be realized at the same time, which together significantly contribute to the profitability of your company.
To whom do we offer our product?
To those companies, which want to know the followings:
when and where the vehicles are,
which vehicles, machines, as well as employees deviate from the preset system of rules,
whether the drivers use the vehicles apart from the permitted route or working time,
when, at whom and where tank level decrease takes places,
how much time the operators work with the machines,
when a given vehicle starts and stops,
how the settled working time relates to the actual work performed.
General features of the asystANT system:
Complex. By using the system you can realize the fuel management and fleet management functions at the same time.
Its operation is automatic and based on the pre-defined system of rules. This way you do not have to check those "problematic" cases, at which the route, consumption, speed (or any other data) of a certain vehicle deviates from the preset one.
It realizes a comprehensive person and vehicle identification (covering all the modules).
It can be operated easily and its use significantly reduces the time spent on administration.
It can be easily adjusted to the already existing IT-systems. The data of the modules can be sent to the corporate management system (e.g. working time settlement data, refuelling data, mileage data).
It provides entire control and management opportunities over the vehicles and the employees.
What advantages can you get by using the system?
Saving of working time, since the electronic working time administration provided by the entry system cannot be subsequently corrected by the employees. The preparation of payroll is also based on the data received electronically.
Saving of fuel, since it can be precisely monitored when, which driver refuelled what amount of fuel and what distance it took.
Precise settlement and forecast of costs can be realized with the system, since the dates of the necessary service repairs and replacement of components can be set for each car, so they can be precisely planned in advance even in the breakdown of cost centres and amounts.
Saving of cost and working time spent on administration, since the system automatically (without any human intervention) generates the data and tables necessary for checking and the data necessary for precise settlement.
Profit increase, since cost reduction generated by the more efficient control and the released working time all contribute to the increase of sales revenues.