The fuel stock of the company can be managed in a regulated, safe and precisely administered way with the help of the asystANT Diesel Terminal module. The system can simultaneously manage unlimited number of filling stations independently of their geographical locations (the communication can be realized through GPRS connection, LAN connection and the radio connection of 2.4 Ghz). So in case of filling stations 24-hour permanent supervision can be realized without the use of any human resource, since with the help of the asystANT system there is an opportunity to permanently supervise the storage and use of fuel in case of filling stations without operators.

The persons using the filling stations are automatically identified (RF-card, PIN-code). Refuelling can only be carried out according to the rules preset in the system. Accordingly only those people can make the refuelling with such volume and into such vehicle, which you had previously permitted. The system stores which driver refuelled how much fuel into which vehicle and when. Occasional, daily and monthly limits can be defined and they can be set for both the
vehicles and the persons having refuelling rights. This way the misuses connected to fuel consumption can be entirely prevented.

With the use of the Diesel Terminal module the separate stock management becomes feasible with the administration of unlimited number of users with a 0.1% accuracy (compensated to 15 C).

The system contains a complete tank and filling station unit, but the system can be ordered to already existing fuel stations, too.






Functions of the Diesel Terminal module:
• RF-card and PIN-code identification of persons and
  vehicles/machines to prevent incorrect refuelling,
• intelligent identification related to the vehicle is also
  possible; in this case automatic identification takes place
  when the filling pistol is placed into the tank,
• registration management for every day of the week,
• storage of refuelling rules, which can be customized
  for persons, vehicles and machines in case of unlimited
  number of users,
• registration of customizable operating data
  (mileage, operating hour status, number of log book,
  number of work diaries, etc.),
• storage of data of refuelling log (several thousand
  refuelling data, protected storage capacity),
• safe data management and data saving,
• registration and separate stock management of
  unlimited number of companies
  (fuel stock management compensated to 15 C),
• immediate notification (warning) on any event taken place at the filling station,
• camera handling, automatic picture storage for events,
• remote management,
• continuous data communication interfaces
(RS232, Ethernet, radio, GSM/GPRS).