The task of the asystANT Gate module is to prevent unauthorized entry and to assure that every employee could enter the permitted areas and only in the preliminarily defined time intervals. After the identification of workers (RF-card, PIN-code), they can enter the premise of the company. In case any employee tried to identify himself/herself unsuccessfully on three occasions, the system sends an immediate warning on it. In connection with vehicles the system realizes all these in the form of an entry system with gates. A weigh-bridge unit can be optionally assigned to the system linked to or independently of the gate. Its task is to measure and control the weight of vehicles and the delivered goods (printing of bill of delivery and weigh ticket). With the use of the Gate module you can always examine and monitor which driver in what vehicle delivered what amount of goods from what site and when.

The backbone of the system is the asystANT DATABANK, where the data are continuously and automatically stored, which can be displayed at any time in the form required by the user. The DATABANK stores the data, set limits, entry permits (stay at the premise in what period) of all the employees and the number and dates of entries and exists during working time. The data stored here are accessible for the other subsystems of the company depending on the access
levels. For example, the stored working time data is directly delivered by the system to the other subsystems used at the company (payroll calculation). Since the employees have no opportunity to subsequently correct or amend the electronic working time registration provided by the entry system, so working time saving can be realized with the use of the system. The most striking cases (deviation from the predefined system of rules) can be easily detected and examined. On the basis of data, examinations on the loading of human resources and calculations of earning power can be elaborated.






Functions of the asystANT Gate module:
• prevention of unauthorized entry,
• the assurance of entries according to the predefined
  rules (the given employee can enter only the permitted
  area and in the permitted time interval),
• RF-card and/or PIN-code identification of employees,
• RF-card and/or PIN-code identification of vehicles,
• in case of vehicles the implementation
  of a gate entry system,
• electronic registration of working time,
• storage of personal data of employees,
  administration of their documents,
• storage of entry permits of employees
  (in what interval they can stay in the premises),
• the registration of the number of entries and exits
  during working time,
• the registration of the dates of entries and exits
  during working time,
• direct connection with the other subsystems
  of the company and the corporate management system,
• report on the loading of human resources.

  Basic unit:
Beléptető egység
Its task is to assure entry and exit through the given doors after the RF-card identification.

Further optional supplementary unit:
Gate unit
It enables the operation of the gate.
Weigh-bridge system
A device measuring the weight of vehicles and the mass of delivered goods (printing of bill of delivery and weigh ticket).
Working time registration unit
A unit registering the working time of employees (in installed and mobile/portable versions, as well).
Camera surveillance unit
The assurance of the storage and querying pictures.